SmartNews June | Absolute Encoder Option Available

Introducing the “MT” Series Integrated Servo System 
with Multi Turn Absolute Encoder Option

“MT” Series Motors with Multi Turn Absolute Encoder Option

Moog Animatics is proud to announce the availability of the Multi Turn Absolute Encoder options for our "MT" series motors. This option is a hardware-specific internal change with a required external battery for back-up to allow tracking of shaft position when no power is being applied to the SmartMotor.

The "MT" series products may be ordered in kit form with battery and cable or as separate parts. There are three different cable length options for the battery. The battery itself attaches to the Limits with I/O connector of the MT series SmartMotors and uses the home switch input.

The back of the battery case feeds out the limit switch connector maintaining the ability to still use both travel limit inputs but with no home switch input. Any I/O may be used for homing input however.

Part Number Guide
Available 23 Frame Motor Kits:

  • SM23165MT-KFB01-01  (Kit containing motor and battery with 1M cable)
  • SM23165MT-KFB01-02  (Kit containing motor and battery with 2M cable)
  • SM23165MT-KFB01-03  (Kit containing motor and battery with 3M cable)
Available 34 Frame Motor Kits:
  • SM34165MT-KFB01-01  (Kit containing motor and battery with 1M cable)
  • SM34165MT-KFB01-02  (Kit containing motor and battery with 2M cable)
  • SM34165MT-KFB01-03  (Kit containing motor and battery with 3M cable)
  • Refer to SM23165MT or SM34165MT motor specs for power, torque and physical characteristics

Non kit form. Use the following numbers when ordering just motor, or cables or battery separately:

  • SmartMotor: SM23165MT-FB01 or SM34165MT-FB01
  • Battery: CBLIP-BAT1
  • Cable (3 standard lengths available: 1m, 2m or 3m long): 
  • 1-Meter Cable: CBLIP-LIM-EXT-1M
  • 2-Meter Cable: CBLIP-LIM-EXT-2M
  • 3-Meter Cable: CBLIP-LIM-EXT-3M
  • Note: Other lengths available upon request.
Lead time = 3 to 5 weeks
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